Alpha-CAB    All-Wheel-Drive-Campers and Expedition                          Coachworks

Toyota HZJ 179
Toyota HZJ 79
Allradreisemobil Toyota HZJ 79
Allradreisemobil Toyota HZJ 78
Allradreisemobil HZJ 79 Allradreisemobil Toyota HZJ 79
Here we present some Alpha-CAB caravans in detail. Click on the pictures for vehicle documentation
Toyota HZJ 79
Toyota auf Chassis HZJ 78
Toyota HZJ 79
Reisemobil Sprinter
Toyota linke Seite Allradreisemobil Toyota HZJ
Toyota HZJ 79, empty coachwork for individual upgrading
Motorvan on Mercedes Sprinter basis,
selfmade coachwork
Reisemobil in Tunesien
Allradreisemobil Unimog
All-wheel-drive camper on Mercedes Unimog chassis, multidrop storage by Fuess expedition vehicles, in our opinion the best system offered at present.
Alpha-CAB Allradreisemobil in Tunesien
Allradreisemobil HZJ 79 Allradreisemobil AlphaCAB
All-Terrain-Reisemobil HZJ 79
Expeditionsmobil mit Hubdach Allradreisemobil mit Alkoven und Hubdach
Allradreisemobil Hubdach_Charly
Allradreisemobil Alkoven
Alpha CAB all-wheel drive campers are always individually built, following the customers´ requirements.  Preferring lift tops or bigger coachwork with alcoves, we realize your ideas.
geländegängiges Allradreisemobil
Expeditionsmobil_Impro Allradreisemobil Modell Impro Allradreisemobil Modell Impro
Fernreisemobil Modell Impro
Allradreisemobil HZJ 78
Fernreisemobil, Basis HZJ 78,
Expeditionsmobil auf Chassis HZJ 75
Expeditionsmobil Modell Vulco Basis HZJ 79
Allradwohnmobil_Unimog Expeditionsmobil UNIMOG
Allradreisemobil_ISUZU Allradreisemobil ISUZU DMax
Allrad Reisemobil Unimog U 4000
Allradwohnmobil Toyota Hylux Allrad Reisemobil Hilux
Allrad Reisemobil ISUZU D-Max
Allrad Reisemobil Toyota Hilux mit Absetzkabine