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Drive Camper - Repairs, Customizing and Extensions

Drive Campers are technically complex vehicles which normally cannot be repaired in standard garages. Accordingly to this special requirement Drive Camper garages are rare.

Every Drive Campers` owner is familiar with this problem:
going the way from the garage to the carpenter via the plumber to the electrician, if the coachwork needs to be mended or an extension is required. And because a Drive Camper is equipped with various devices and loads of technology the garage needs to have according knowledge and know-how: water, hot-water, gas, current, heating, cooling, battery charger, convertors, solar plants, seal tightness controls, gas examination etc.
As manufacturer of All-Wheel- Drive-Campers we have the knowledge to fulfill the special needs of our customers. We do Drive-Camper coachwork repairs, accident repairs of body- and woodwork as well as customizing and extensions to your vehicle.

Ask us – we would like to support you.